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I am the originating author for children's fiction and adult non-fiction. My website also offers cartoon themed illustrations that were designed by me in Photoshop. The most important literary service item offered on my website is my eBook entitled: Financial Literacy - *practical advice for the young adult*

This eBook provides six (6) chapters of invaluable information that covers specific topics not only related to money, but important ideas to help the reader become more responsible in the proper handling and securing of pertinent documentation in an event of an emergency. This guide also includes topics that address credit worthiness that can either benefit or lead to financial disaster crippling present or future opportunities. Below provides a glimpse of what this invaluable 2018 guide offers!

Financial Literacy was written for *any* age group that could benefit from the financial information provided. Here's what this invaluable sixty-nine (69) page eBook 'self-help' guide provides you:

• Techniques for Financial Stability
• Assets & Liabilities (basic concept)
• Emergency Kit & Financial Fund
• Credit Worthiness (credit card use)
• Government Perks (univ. students)

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